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Kristen Scott, birthname Sasha Lynn Hiltpold, is an American pornographic film star. She was born March 13th, 1995 in Carlsbad, California. In her short time in the industry she’s already won the hearts of millions of fans for not only her sex scenes but her exceptional acting in them as well. She’s won several awards including both AVN and XBIZ Best Supporting Actress awards in 2018 and has received industry accolades such as FA Girl of the Month and was voted Girlsway’s Teen of the Year in 2017. She’s also recently started writing and directing scenes for Pure Taboo, MissaX and Girlsway.

Early Days

Sasha Lynn Hiltpold was born in Carlsbad, a town near San Diego Sasha Lynn Hiltpold was born in Carlsbad, a town near San Diego, California on March 13th, 1995, making her a Pisces. She had a happy childhood where she enjoyed singing and theatre as hobbies. “When I was in middle school, I attended a modeling and acting school for some time” she told AVN in a recent cover story interview. “It really helped me to understand the technical aspect of being in front of a camera a lot more because you have to pay attention to the lighting and pay attention to your movements”.
Kristen Scott’s first foray into adult movies was a lesbian scene She spent most of high school dating the same boy whom she lost her virginity to at age 14. She opened up about her early dating life in an interview with Adult DVD Talk in 2018. “I didn’t sleep around or get promiscuous until my senior year of high school. Right before I was to go off to college, I was with the same guy for 3 years and once we broke up, I decided it was time for me to have my fun”.
She lived briefly in Long Island, New York before she moved with her family to Lake Tahoe, California at age 20. She performed for a short period of time as a cam girl on the site MyFreeCams under a different name however she soon decided to move to Los Angeles to do some modeling with an agent referred to her by a friend. She attended the AVN Awards in 2016 and decided to try out porn. “That was really my determining factor of making this my career choice” she told AVN. “I had just moved from Northern California and all the energy of Los Angeles and Las Vegas and the industry coming together was a lot for me to take in. It also really excited me. After AVN I said, ‘Alright, I’m sold.’”
Kristen Scott’s first foray into adult movies was a lesbian scene for ATK in 2016. “I was super nervous” she told AdultDVD Talk. “Luckily, the girl I was shooting with, I already knew her, so she made me feel super comfortable. It ended up being really fun and after that first experience, I was very excited to continue on in porn.”
Kristen quickly became a fan favorite on lesbian sites like Girlfriends Films and Girlsway for the natural chemistry she brought to the table with the women she performed with. As she told Adult DVD Talk, she loves women, on and off camera. Her first time with a woman was when she was 18 or 19 and she had a girlfriend at the time she started porn. “I love having sex with women!” she said. “Just as long as I’m with somebody who’s just as excited about it as I am, that’s all I need”. Kristen won her first AVN award for a lesbian scene with Kenna James called ‘First Lesbian Summer’ from Met-Art. In addition to her erotic lesbian scenes, in her first year in the industry Kristen also shot memorable hardcore scenes with major studios like Brazzers, Reality Kings and XEmpire. She also paired up with director Greg Lansky for scenes at Blacked, Vixen and Tushy, including her first on-camera anal scene with Jean Val Jean for the movie First Anal 3.

Half His Age: A Teenage Tragedy

fan favorite scenes for the likes of Burning Angel Kristen Scott had a very successful 2017, filming fan favorite scenes for the likes of Burning Angel, Mile High Media, Digital Sin and many more. However, it was the 3-part feature series for the new Pure Taboo site called Half His Age: A Teenage Tragedy that cemented her as one of the industry’s most talented performers.
Written and directed by the powerhouse team of Bree Mills and Craven Moorhead, Half His Age: A Teenage Tragedy cleaned up at that years’ awards ceremonies, taking home 4 AVN awards and 6 XBIZ awards. The feature starred Jill Kassidy as a teen schoolgirl who was hooking up with her gym teacher, played by Charles Dera. Kristen Scott played another student who caught and filmed the two in the middle of a heated moment and used the footage as blackmail to the advantage of her and her stepbrother, played by Small Hands. “The acting is incredible” Said Mills, who is also head of Gamma Films production. “Jill Kassidy and Kristen Scott took their roles seriously and it shows in their dramatic talents. They brought the same intensity to their acting that they did in their sex scenes”.
Kristen commented on working with Bree and Craven in an interview with Fleshbot. “I love working with Bree and Craven! They are some of my favorite directors” she said. “They are both so creative and it was such a treat having both of them directing”. Mills returned the sentiment, speaking to AdultDVDTalk; “Kristen Scott is somebody I’ve worked with on Girlsway and I knew she was a good actress and a good performer to work with in my style of directing. She loved it and responds very well to my direction”. Kristen Scott took home the Best Supporting Actress award for her role in the movie at both the AVN and XBIZ awards.

Submissive or Dominant?

I’m typically more submissive but I definitely like to play around and have my fun being dominant One of the many talents of Kristen Scott, is her ability to play both submissive and dominant roles so naturally. When asked by AdultDVDTalk which she leans more on by nature, she said she’s naturally more a submissive type. “I’m typically more submissive but I definitely like to play around and have my fun being dominant. But naturally more of a submissive, for sure.”
For submissive fantasies, there’s no better place to go than Evil Angel. In 2017 Kristen shot two scenes for the Bryan Gozzling series ‘Hookup Hotshot’, which shows the director meeting young girls online and bringing them back home to manhandle them. In Hookup Hotshot: Clickbait, Kristen meets Gozzling on a dating app. She visits his place in an innocent, sexy see through outfit and they have hardcore, rough sex where Kristen finishes with a squirting orgasm. In the sequel, ‘Hookup Hotshot: Sex Tapes’, Kristen comes back, this time for an anal pounding where she gets piledriven in an even more hardcore scene.
Kristen also received an AVN Award nomination in the Best boy/girl sex scene for her scene in Digital Sin’s Bound for Sex 2. The movie featured BDSM, rope play, bondage, sensory deprivation and more hardcore fun. Kristen’s scene saw her get tied to a chair by her scene partner, Tommy Pistol. This girl is bullied all throughout high school by these same two guys On the flip side, Kristen got to play the dominant role a few times in Pure Taboo, particularly in her first DP scene, ‘The Nerd’s Revenge’, which she wrote herself. It’s not often you associate a DP scene with the receiver as the dom, but in this situation it worked. She stars as a bullied teen alongside Xander Corvus and Seth Gamble, who bully her and torture her for years on end. One day, she finally has enough. She drugs them and takes them to a darkened room when they are unconscious. When they wake up, they frighteningly ask what she’s going to do them. She responds, “It’s not what I’m going to do to you that matters, it’s what you’re going to do FOR me to get out of this”. She blackmails them with humiliating photos she took of them earlier and takes her first double penetration on camera.
Kristen told AdultDVDTalk about the scene, “I actually wrote the script for the scene and was inspired by my first character in Half His Age. I went more from a manipulated character to more of the manipulator of the situation. This girl is bullied all throughout high school by these same two guys. She got sick and tired of it and a switch flips in her and she decides to get revenge on them. She’s the manipulator of the situation and gets them to do whatever she wants”.
Bree Mills spoke of the scene in a press release, “Kristen felt very strongly about this scene. She wrote the storyline from her heart, and that resonates throughout those moments of anger when she gets her revenge.” The scene was nominated for Best Double Penetration Scene at the 2019 AVN Awards.

Notable Releases

There’s been several notable releases and fan favorites in the short career of Kristen Scott There’s been several notable releases and fan favorites in the short career of Kristen Scott. In 2018 she starred alongside Angela White in ‘Cam Girl’(, a Wicked Pictures feature directed by Brad Armstrong. The movie followed the story of Kelly Mathews (Kristen Scott), a web cam girl, as she teaches camgirl newbie Tina (Angela White) the ropes of the business. Director Armstrong commented on Kristen’s part in the movie in a press release; “She dove into the project full force and really became the character. By the end of the movie, it was becoming difficult to tell where Kelly began and where Kristen ended.” The movie earned Kristen a nomination for Best Actress at both the 2019 AVN and XBIZ awards.
Another interesting scene was the season finale of Pure Taboo’s sci fi porn series, Future Darkly. In ‘Eyes of the Sky’, Kristen stars alongside Adriana Chechik, Seth Gamble and Ryan McLane in an alien abduction story. Director Bree Mills spoke highly of the cast in the press release; “Adriana and Seth play the perfect 1950’s-era horror movie couple transplanted into our near future universe, and Kristen and Ryan are haunting in their portrayals of the bitter couple trapped on the ship”.

Directing & Mainstream Features

Kristen will also be starring in a full-length movie for Adult Time this year called ‘Teenage Lesbian’ Since ‘The Nerd’s Revenge’, Kristen Scott has expanding her talents behind the camera just as much as in front. In 2019, she made her directing debut for MissaX with the featurette, ‘The Wrong Sister’, in which she wrote, produced and even hired the crew and castmates herself. The story stars Kristen and castmate Leigh Raven as estranged siblings meeting up after Raven’s character leaves an abusive relationship. Raven spends time with Kristen’s boyfriend, and finds herself identifying with him and sees a similarity between Kristen and her abusive boyfriend. She becomes close with her sister’s boyfriend and a love triangle ensues.
When speaking of the opportunity to direct, Kristen told AVN, “It’s been challenging, but I’m so pleased with everything I’ve created with these talented performers. I’ve learned so much already and I’m just so excited for the future”.
After the success of her directorial debut, Girlsway announced that they would be adding Kristen to their roster of directors. “After working with Gamma for so many years and enjoying being on their sets as a performer, I have been given the honor of working with them as a director” she commented. Her first scenes will be launching on both Girlsway and Adult Time soon.
Kristen will also be starring in a full-length movie for Adult Time this year called ‘Teenage Lesbian’. The movie will be groundbreaking as it will serve as both an X-rated film on the Adult Time website, and as a mainstream R-rated film. The movie will showcase Kristen as an 18-year-old lesbian as she’s gradually coming to terms with her sexual orientation during her final year of high school, and it’s inspired by true-life events from the life of director Bree Mills.
“I’m absolutely thrilled to have been cast as the lead in this project” Kristen said in a press release. “I always love having the opportunity to work with Bree, so to be able to play such a significant role in a story that is so personal to her is such an honor.” The feature will be released towards the end of 2019.
So, what’s next for Kristen Scott? Things have gotten bigger every year since her debut, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. She told Cherie DeVille on the red carpet of the 2019 AVN Awards, “I honestly feel like I’m just going to keep getting better and better. I’m working so hard and I’m so excited for the future!”. So are we, along with the millions of her adoring fans!



  • Best Supporting Actress (Half His Age: A Teenage Tragedy) – AVN Awards 2018
  • Best Supporting Actress (Half His Age: A Teenage Tragedy) – XBIZ Awards 2018
  • Fun Sized (Spinner of the Year) – Spank Bank Awards 2018


  • Best Sex Scene in Movie Protagonist (The Puppeteer) – XBIZ Awards 2019
  • Best Sex Scene in Parody Movie (Family Holiday) – XBIZ Awards 2019
  • Best Sex Scene in Lesbian Movie (Catfish) – XBIZ Awards 2019
  • Best Supporting Actress (Anne: A Taboo Parody) – XBIZ Awards 2019
  • Best Actress in Lesbian Movie (Catfish) – XBIZ Awards 2019
  • Best Actress Protagonist (Camgirl) – XBIZ Awards 2019
  • Female Actress of the Year – XBIZ Awards 2019
  • Fan Award: Favorite Female Artist – AVN Awards 2019
  • Best Oral Sex Scene (My Wife’s First Blowbang) – AVN Awards 2019
  • Best Lesbian Group Sex Scene (Duplicity) – AVN Awards 2019
  • Best Lesbian Sex Scene (School’s Out) – AVN Awards 2019
  • Best Group Sex Scene (Anne: A Taboo Parody) – AVN Awards 2019
  • Best Double Penetration Scene (The Nerd’s Revenge) – AVN Awards 2019
  • Best Actress (Camgirl) – AVN Awards 2019
  • Female Actress of the Year – AVN Awards 2019
  • Petite Powerhouse – Spank Bank Awards 2018
  • Best New Starlet – XRXO Awards 2018
  • Best Sex Scene in All Sex Movie (Hollywood Hijinx) – XBIZ Awards 2018
  • Best Vignette Movie Sex Scene (Natural Beauties 2) – XBIZ Awards 2018
  • Best Protagonist Sex Scene (Half His Age: A Teenage Tragedy) – XBIZ Awards 2018
  • Best New Starlet – XBIZ Awards 2018
  • Best Virtual Reality Sex Scene (Kristen’s Naughty Workout Treats) – AVN Awards 2018
  • Best Scandalous Sex Scene (Indirect Relations) – AVN Awards 2018
  • Best Trio Scene MFM (Half His Age: A Teenage Tragedy) – AVN Awards 2018
  • Best Lesbian Sex Scene (Hollywood Hijinkx) – AVN Awards 2018
  • Best Boy/Girl Sex Scene (Bound for Sex 2) – AVN Awards 2018
  • Best New Starlet – AVN Awards 2018
  • Most Luscious Labia – Spank Bank Awards 2017
  • Fun Sized Fuck Toy – Spank Bank Awards 2017
  • Fan Prize: Hottest Debutante – AVN Awards 2017
  • Best Lesbian Sex Scene (First Lesbian Summer) – AVN Awards 2017
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