The list of the top porn stars of 2019.

Welcome to, where we compile and rank the list of the top porn stars of 2019. The porn stars of today need to wear many hats. They are entrepreneurs, some are independent contractors, and they are using many forms of distribution as ways to get their content out there. Read on to see how we narrowed down our rankings of the top porn stars of 2019.


Whether it’s the Oscars, the Grammys, or the Emmys, there is sometimes no greater achievement than being recognized by your peers and industry experts. The same could be said for the adult industry. Every January, the entire adult industry commutes to Nevada for the AVN Awards, and to Los Angeles for the XBIZ Awards, to celebrate and honor the top stars and releases from the past year. Winning an AVN is the equivalent to winning an Oscar in the film industry, and an XBIZ award is compared to a Golden Globe. While winning prestigious awards aren’t everything, being recognized at the ceremony ensures new potential bookings and contracts for the years to come. For instance, past winners of the Best New Starlet award like Riley Reid or Abella Danger have gone on to become top names in the industry, and winners of the prestigious Female Performer of the Year like Sasha Grey or Jenna Haze have broken into mainstream and become some of the wealthiest pornstars in the world.

Mainstream Appeal

The more a porn star is in the public eye, the more mainstream attention they receive, the more likely they are to make a list of the top 8 pornstars. Retired starlets like Sasha Grey and Sunny Leone have become huge names and celebrities by becoming mainstream film actresses after their adult film careers. Current star and this year’s Female Performer of the Year, Angela White, an outspoken advocate for the rights of sex workers and positive sexuality, is often interviewed in mainstream press and appears in documentaries related to the subject. She also appeared as a recurring character on the TV show, ‘Pizzas’ in her home country of Australia. Adriana Chechik has appeared on the Howard Stern Show, and Abella Danger has worked on projects with popular rapper Kanye West.

Net Worth

The richest and top grossing porn stars are mostly legacy stars; names that have been associated with the industry for years and have made their mark. Tera Patrick is a name that comes up often as the richest pornstar, with a reported net worth of $17 million. Jenna Jameson is another at approximately $10 million. For current female stars, the current minimum they make for a regular boy/girl scene is $900-$1000 however that number could go up the more in-demand and popular they are. Riley Reid for example has a net worth in the $2 million range, while Kristen Scott or Lana Rhoades is somewhere between $500,00 and $1 million.

Content Frequency

At Top8Pornstars, we’re looking at stars that are still active in the industry and still releasing great content. Kristen Scott for example has appeared in over 50 released videos or DVDs in the first half of 2019, including a story she wrote for MissaX, a showcase movie that includes a 5-man interracial gangbang, and a remake of a classic Evil Angel scene. Lana Rhoades seems to be retired from shooting for professional porn studios, however she still regularly posts her own content on her private Snapchat, her Pornhub account and her Instagram.

Visibility & Search

The Top8Pornstars list includes stars that are not only interactive on social media but also have a large presence and high search volume everywhere on the Internet. This includes Google searches, their Pornhub ranking, Instagram and Twitter followers and more. The adult industry in general includes some of the most searched brands in the world. Pornhub alone gets over 92 million visitors a day, and their servers serve about 962 searches per second! With those numbers it’s obvious that if a star is highly ranked on Pornhub it certainly helps in making the list. Lana Rhoades for example, while retired from shooting with big name studios is still sitting at the number one spot on Pornhub’s most popular pornstars at press time. Angela White, Riley Reid and Abella Danger are included in their top 10 as well. Alternatively, all the pornstars on our list combined add up to almost 4 million Google searches a month! As presented above, one hand shakes the other in the world of adult. Today’s stars need to be versatile and creative in ways they reach their fans. Enjoy reading about the top porn stars of 2019 and see who makes the list next year.